Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ok so

Well it has only been a year and a half since the last time that I have posted so that's not too bad right? A lot has changed since that last time that I posted...and some things have stayed the same.
First the changes...the most important change was the welcoming of my beautiful baby girl into the world. She is amazing and totally worth the 9 months of sickness and the 23 hours of labor! She's only been around for four months but I can't imagine my life without her. She is such a happy easy going baby and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.
My husband and I also bought a house this year which was an experience in itself (especially being pregnant the whole time)! We really did find what I think is our perfect house and we're really lucky to be able to see past the ugly floral wallpaper and the cat smell to be able to see the house that is now our home. It is so warm and cozy and every morning when I wake up here I know that the 35 frogs we kissed (some really ugly giant toads in there) were all leading up to the first time walking into this house. We went to the hospital here, brought the little one home here, hosted our first holiday as a family here (Christmas) and watched the Giant's win the Superbowl here and I can't wait to keep making memories here...sappy!
Most recently I found a new job. I really did enjoy working with children but I always knew that it was not the career for me. I was lucky enough to start as a mortgage loan processor this past Friday and so far I'm enjoying all of the new things that I'm learning and I'm enjoying seeing places to grow in front of me. Hopefully things will keep going well there and I will be on a career path that is right for me.
Now on to the thing that is the same...a big thing. I'm working on my weight again. I didn't have too much trouble with weight gain while I was pregnant (see above-nine months of being sick) and ended up losing half of what I gained a week after coming home from the hospital. Then came the six weeks of being home, alone, with nothing to do but sit around and feed a baby-and myself. During that time and for many weeks after the whole new parent thing really took a toll on my husband and I and we were just too tired/busy to make dinner. Now its time again to undo that damage. Ive been working on the dieting thing for a month and have been really on top of it for the last two weeks. My next challenge though is going to be finding time to work out. Its not even that I am too busy. the problem is that I don't want to lose any time during the week with my husband and the little one and on the weekends I feel like I'm playing catch up on the housework and the relaxing. I guess its just something that I will learn to do over time, I'll keep this updated, hopefully on that.
I,m pretty sure that this is not going to be the most exciting blog...but it will have updates on the little one's far they are: being wonderful, rolling over from her belly to her back, laughing out loud, and starting food (avocado-she's still getting the hang of it). It will also have updates on how this whole best me I can be thing. So stop by again, hopefully I will post again before June of 2014!

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